Relevant Publications

In this section you’ll find a regularly updated list of relevant journals and publications that relate to the conference themes. Please click on the links below for further information.

journal-of-identity-and-migration-studiesThe Journal of Identity and Migration Studies, Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues, University of Oradea. A semi annual journal that promotes high quality academic work and is committed to publishing cutting-edge, provocative, and thoughtful scholarship in the field of migration and identity, as well as in other related fields in the social sciences.


Journal of African Cultural Hertiage Studies, White Rose University Press, Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. An new bi-annual publication dedicated to African Cultural Heritage Studies. The Journal aims to become a forum for heritage debates within Africa, and a bridge for African researchers to engage in debates with practitioners in other parts of the world. Call for papers for the first edition is now open.

untitledInternational Journal of Migration and Border Studies, Inderscience. IJMBS addresses the whole range of technological, human/social, political, policy, organisational and managerial issues related to migration and border studies. IJMBS is a peer-reviewed journal which offers a forum for disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research concerning conceptual, theoretical, empirical and methodological dimensions of migration and border studies. It aims to bring together a diverse range of international scholars and practitioners to advance knowledge, improve practice, and act as a definitive source on migration and border issues.


UnknownInternational Journal of Migration and Residential Mobility, Inderscience. IJMRM proposes and fosters discussion on the fields of internal and international migration and residential mobility, with emphasis on the implications that policy choices have on both the process and law of migration and residential mobility. IJMRM also focuses on the physiological, mental and behavioural responses of the people concerned. IJMRM offers a platform for publishing research which covers theoretical, methodological, policy and empirical studies spanning a broad range of disciplines and perspectives related to migration and residential mobility.


jaehcoverJournal of American Ethnic History, University of Illinois Press. The Journal of American Ethnic History, the official journal of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society, is published quarterly and focuses on the immigrant and ethnic/racial history of the North American people. Scholars are invited to submit manuscripts on the process of migration (including the old world experience as it relates to migration and group life), adjustment and assimilation, group relations, mobility, politics, culture, group identity or other topics that illuminate the North American immigrant and ethnic/racial experience.