Getting Around the City


With its network of wide straight avenues, Buenos Aires is an easy city to navigate by foot, and highly recommended to see the best sights. WiFi is widely available for free across the city, so you’re never too far from google maps. Alternatively, you can download an the Buenos Aires Offline Map app, which is an easy way to get directions on the go.

(As with any big city, it is advisable to keep your phone or tablet in a zipped pocket to avoid petty theft. Safety first!)

Subte (Subway)

The subte is the fastest and cheapest way to travel in Buenos Aires. Six lines connect commercial, tourist, and residential areas in the city Monday through Saturday from 5am to 11pm, and on Sunday and holidays from 8am to 11pm.

A ticket to anywhere in the network costs AR$5.00. We recommend that you get a Sube card, a re-chargeable electronic card which can be used on the subway, buses and trains in Buenos Aires.

  • SUBE Card

sube urbana

SUBE card (like an Oyster card in London) provides an easy method of paying for transport without having to buy a ticket for each journey. The card costs AR$25 (about 2 USD$), plus whatever you want to pay to top up the card for your journeys.

To obtain the SUBE card, head to one of the 200 citywide locations that stocks them including chain stores such as Correo Argentino, OCA and Andreani post offices.  Look out for the blue SUBE sign in the windows.

The SUBE cards can be topped up at subway stations and other places that display the SUBE sign, usually kiosks. Simply hand over the amount you want to top up, put your card on the reader and wait for your credit to be uploaded.

Subte Map:

Subte operating hours per line:


There are over 40,000 taxis in the city of Buenos Aires, and they are quite easy to flag down. Look out for the black and yellow vehicles with a red and white ‘libre’ sign lit up, which signals that the taxi is available.

  • Recommendations

Radio Taxi (identified by the Radio Taxi logo on the top or side of the car) registers all of its drivers and every ride. As such, this is a safe and reliable taxi firm to use.

The drop rate (as of 2015) is 14.30 pesos during the day and 17.10 pesos at night, between 10pm and 6am (so about $1.20 to $1.40 US Dollars), and goes up 1.43 pesos (or 1.71 pesos at night) per 200 meters.

Another option is to call a remis, which is a private, unmarked car. If you are heading to the airport, your hotel will likely call a remis for you, as they often specialise in set journeys at a fixed rate. Ask your hotel for a list of the trusted companies that they use.