Abstracts for Heritages of Migration: Moving Stories, Objects and Home

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Special Panel Sessions

ahrc-logoPanel: Translating Cultures

icomos-logoPanel: The Intangible Heritage of Migration: Challenges and Possibilities


Adriana Salas, Constanza Mora and Andrés Morales, Venezuela & Chile:

Vanguardias importadas, culturas locales: El caso del Barrio Suárez Mujica, Santiago de Chile

Adriana Piastrellini and Cristina Monfort, Argentina:

Huellas Materiales y Simbólicas del Art Decó en Argentina. Casos de Estudio: Buenos Aires y San Juan

Adriana Ortea, Argentina:

Liebig: del trabajo a casa: La migración en la creación del Pueblo Industrial

Aivar Jürgenson, Estonia:

Voluntary Immigrants versus Refugees: Migration stories and identities in the Estonian community in Argentina after WWII

Alfonsina Milagros Torrecilla, Argentina:

Turismo cultural en Bahía Blanca: el aporte de las colectividades extranjeras como rasgo de singularidad de un destino

Alfredo Conti, Uriel Charne, Gabriel Comparato and Florencia Moscoso, Argentina:

Moisés Ville: el primer poblado judío en Argentina

Allison Ramsay:

Heritages of Migration: The Movement of Fraternal Societies, Belonging and Home

Ana Toroš, Slovenia

Literary links between Trieste and Buenos Aires during the first half of the 20th century

Ananya Jahanara Kabir, India:

Moving material: (Un)making migration history through dance

Andrea Larroucau

Estado nacional y migrantes europeos: el impacto de la colonización en la región de Valdivia (1845 – 1900)

Andrea Medovarski, Canada:

The Black Diaspora and the Legacies of Thinglessness

Andrea Morello and Graciela Aguilar

La Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural Como Herramienta para la Promoción del Desarrollo Local en Poblados Rurales

Andrei Valodzkin, Belarus:

The Identity Evolution of Three Waves of Belarusian Immigration to Argentina

Anne Giblin-Gedacht, USA:

Local Tohoku, Global Tohoku: Creating Domestic Japanese Regional Identity Abroad

Anne-Marie Broudehoux, Julia Andrade and Renato Emerson dos Santos, Canada:

Slavery as Forced Migration: The long struggle for the recognition of Little Africa in Rio de Janeiro’s Port area

Anthony Antonucci, USA:

The Mezzogiorno in Exile: Bourbon Officials and Neapolitan Emigres in the United States, 1800-1861

Anthony Cepak, USA

An American Tune: Immigration photography as reinforcement of a national identity

Anuya Rohit Sant, India:

Unspoken Turmoil of “Willing” Migrations

Antonio Canovi and Daniele Valisena, Italy: Cultural Heritages:

Cultural Heritages: Migrating geo-­histories and memorial landscapes between Po Plaine and Pampa Huméda

Arturo Zepeda, USA:

Civilization, Modernity and Migration in Argentina: The formation of a white nation

Ayala Ronel, Shmuel Groag and Tamar Berger

Diaspora from Inside: A look from the present at three Israeli-Palestinian cases

Aysun Ozkose and Havva Kılıç, Turkey:

The effects of compulsory exchange of minority Turkish and Greek populations on the Cultural Heritage in Anatolia

Bakheit Mohammed Nur Mohammed, Sudan:

Rural-Urban Migration and the Search for Employment: The case of Qur’anic school graduates from the Darfur Region, Sudan

Bárbara Ossa, Chile:

Ser Chileno fuera de Chile: el caso de la Chilean Society de una universidad de Londres, Reino Unido

 Bárbara Vera Manríquez and Gabriela Ahern Ruiz, Chile:

Corrientes migratorias y su influencia en la construcción de identidad de la Región de Magallánes

Bárbara Raiter, Argentina:

Las sociedades de tiro suizas e italianas en la Argentina, siglos XIX-XX

Benjamin D. Hopkins, USA:

Indigenous Imaginaries of the Republic

Beth Matusoff Merfish, USA:

The Residual Image of Mexican Exile: Their country of refuge in the minds of the German-speaking emigres after the Second World War

Beverley Butler and Fatima Al-Nammari, UK:

Heritage Rites – Magical Thinking and Efficacious Objects: Rethinking Palestinian experiences of occupation, displacement and refugee camp life

Brooke Comer, Egypt:

South Sudanese Women Refugees in Cairo: Writing as a means of transporting identity and negotiating selfhood in Asylum

Caree Banton, USA:

Black Encounters on the African Coast: Settlement, Identity, and Stratification in Liberia

Carla Gerona, USA:

Re-imagining the Camino Real or King’s Highway in East Texas

Carla Paterson, Canada:

“From Fjord to Prairie”: Early Twentieth-Century Accounts of Migration and Mental Illness

Carlos Landa, Florencia Caretti, Jumena Doval, Ariana Andrade, Astrid Rearte and Virginia Pineau, Argentina:

Identidad y objetos. El poblamiento del norte de La Pampa (1885 – 1930) desde la Arqueología histórica

Carlos Pedro Vairo, Argentina:

La Herencia de las Inmigraciones en Tierra del Fuego

Carol Chan, Singapore:

“A Real Chilean from Taiwan”: Ethnic Chinese Making Trans-Atlantic Identities in Santiago, Chile

Carolina Ramirez, Chile:

Competing claims of belonging in a diverse Latin American neighbourhood

Caroline “Olivia” M. Wolf, USA:

Monumental Migration: Public sculpture and the patronage of Arab and Armenian diaspora communities in 20th century Argentina

Cecilia Melella, Argentina:

“También yo soy de la raza de los dioses”. Procesos de construcción de identidades: Rituales, prácticas y festividades de los griegos en la Argentina

Chaozhi Zhang and Ting Jiang, China:

How immigrant home interpreted as heritage in china

Chee-Kien Lai and Shawn Teo, Singapore:

The Combined Chinese Temple in Singapore

Christiane Bauer, Germany:

Images of Germanness among the Descendants of German Immigrants to the USA: A Study on the history of memory of migration and identity

Christele Maizonniaux, Joanne Hanson, Australia:

‘Found in translation’ – Unforlding life narratives on migration in the french language classroom in Australia

Christina Mobley, USA:

Recreating the Kongo in Post-Independence Haiti

Christophe Albaladejo, Susana Sassone, Roberto Bustos Cara, Argentina:

Migración, herencia cultural y resignificación del territorio local

Christoforos Pavlakis, Greece:

Towards New Narratives of the Multicultural Nation: Negotiating difference in the museums in Athens

Cicero Daniel Cardoso and Sandra Paschoal Leite de Camargo Guedes, Brazil:

Representations of Brazil on outside by the Slave History Museum, in Nigeria

Claudia T. Stefanetti Kojrowicz, Argentina

Permanencia de las tradiciones polacas en Misiones: la bendición de canastas pascuales.

Claudia Toselli

Valoración de los recursos del patrimonio tangible e intangible inmigrante para el diseño de circuitos de turismo cultural

Constance Chen,  USA

Migrating Traditions: The Asian Diaspora and the remaking of cultural identities in early twentieth-century United States

Cristián Doña-Reveco, Chile:

To Find Yourself a Little: The secular pilgrimage of returning to Chile

Cristiano Gehrke, Brazil

Patrimonio cultural y Museos de Inmigración en el sur de Brasil

Daniela Marsal, Chile

Colonos y chilenos: la construcción de la inmigración en el discurso y representación del patrimonio nacional

David Henry, Australia:

Representing Migrant Narratives: Museum participant generated media programs as sites of testimony and the performance of complex identities

David Monteyne, Canada:

Canadian Immigration Facilities and the Production of Space

Debbie Whelan, South Africa:

The Rolling Grain Basket: Stories of migration, fragmentation and unity amongst the amaHlubi, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Decio Rigatti and Elio Trusiani, Brazil and Italy:

The Landscape of Italian Immigration in Southern Brazil: Signs, structure and continuities in the landscape units

Dedier Norberto Marquiegui, Argentina

La Herencia Olvidada. Inmigracción, Locura y Muerte en la Colonia Nacional De Alienados, 1901-1930

Devika Chawla, USA:

The Affective Afterlife of Family Belongings: Object-stories and India’s partition

Diana I. Maldonado and Marysol Uribe, Mexico:

I am Home: Discovering Elsewhere as the New Territory

Dolores Alcaide Ramírez, Spain:

Remembering Identity: Ghostly pictures and objects in the work by Ruth Behar

Dolores Martin, Brazil

La gastronomía como Patrimonio Cultural Intangible de los inmigrantes españoles en São Paulo

Doris Jones, Egypt

Identities, Mobility and the Recapturing of Creative Self through Literacy

Donald Fels, USA:

Olive Trees in Puglia: Migrating and standing still

Elena Marushiakova and Veselin Popov, Bulgaria

Migration, Re-emigration and Identities’ Change: The case of one Gypsy (Roma) group

Elias Adanu

The Heuristics of Racial Enculturation: Fraternal Nervousness Between African Immigrants and African Americans in the US

Elis Regina Barbosa Angelo

Las formaciones territoriales y los vínculos con la patria: Los azorianos y sus descendientes en São Paulo, Brasil

Elizabeth Carnegie and Jerzy Kociatkiewicz

Fragments of Memories: Representations of forced migration during occupations

Elio Trusiani and Decio Rigatti, Brazil and Italy:

Rural Houses of Italian Immigration in Southern Brazil: Cultural valorisation and preservation at risk

Elsa Lechner, Portugal:

Terra de si? Autobiographical writings of Portuguese immigrants in the USA

Emilio Ocampo Eibenschutz, Mexico:

Trade, Settlement and Migration: Persian-Arab mobility across the Gulf, 16th – 20th centuries

Emilie Angrignon-Girouard

Pensar la etnicidad a través de los nuevos jovenes migrantes europeos : el caso de México

Ethan Larson, USA:

The New ‘Old Country’ and Its ‘Tenth Province’: Commemorating the ‘Yugoslav’ diaspora in the interwar period

Eva Beatriz Guelbert, Argentina

La herencia inmigratoria identitaria, su patrimonio y la puesta en valor de su memoria

Eva Aleksandru Şarlak, Turkey:

Waıtıng For Death In Some Other Place. Traces in the memorıes of the ‘Rums’: Remembrance and nostalgıa

Eyrún Eyþórsdóttir, Iceland:

The saga of 19th century Icelandic settlement in Brazil

Fabiola Velasco, Venezuela:

Comunes y no comunes del Patrimonio Cultural Latinoamericano. Lazos para la integración del Sur

Federica Boni, Italy:

Concept of dwelling in the era of migration

Federico Chiaricati, Italy:

The Food and the Italian Communities in the United States: 1890-1940

Fernando Martínez Nespral, Argentina:

Patios Andaluces en la Arquitectura Porteña

Florencia Muñoz Ebensperger, Chile

Las huellas de lo campesino en la transformación del habitar popular urbano de Santiago durante la segunda mitad del siglo XX.

Franca Biondi, Carina Beatriz Denner and Evangelina Soledad Giuliette, Argentina

 Esperanza 1° Colonia Agrícola Organizada del País Madre de Colonias

Gabriella Colussi Arthur, Javier Grossutti and Gabriele Scardellato, Canada:

ICAP, gathering and sharing what migrants value and carry with them in the movements between the old and new worlds

Gemma Sou, UK:

The Casa Bonita: Negotiating home and disaster risk in a context of migration

George Epolito, USA:

The Displaced Homo Viator / Liminal Personae – Emilio Pettoruti and Lina Bo Bardi: Defying classification in the cultural spaces between the old and new worlds

Gisela Aldana Schmid, Argentina

Religious Imagery in the Guarani Jesuitical Missions

Gregory Gan, Canada:

The Trope of the Suitcase: Narratives of mobile identities amongst transnational Russian migrants

Gruia Badescu,

Imagining Croatia: Landscape memories, heritage and territoriality among Croat Chileans

Guilherme dos Santos Cavotti Marques, Brazil:

Prensa e inmigración: los desplazados y refugiados de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en las páginas de las revistas y periódicos

Gustavo Javier Giménez, Argentina

El baile del Santo: La presencia de un ritual de influencia bantú congo- angoleña en Buenos Aires, a finales del siglo XIX

Hamurabi Noufouri, Argentina:

El Legado Edilicio de Árabes Y Españoles de Argentina: Entre el Arabismo y el Mudejarismo.

Helaine Silverman, USA:

Affiliative Reterritorialization: Mobile heritage and the Japanese colony in Peru

Hisham S. Gabr, Tarek Galal Abdel-Hamid and Nouran M. El-Begermy, Egypt:

Shifted meanings and cultural adaptations of migrated Nubian settlements

Howard Adelman and Rachel Adelman, Canada:

Between the Home we leave and the Home we create

Hung Cam Thai, USA:

The Homeland as a Space of Materiality of Care and Dignity

Iain Walker, Australia

Comorian or French? Mayotte between two worlds.

Ian Kuijt and William Donaruma, USA

Nets of Memory (Líonta na Cuimhne): 19th century Irish Mediations of Remembrance and Belonging

Ines Garcia Holgado, Argentina

El Exilo y la Guerra Civil Espanola

Ipek A. Celik Rappas, Turkey:

Representation of Refugees in European Cinema

Jenny Ingridsdotter, Sweden:

‘They Said We Would Not Be Discriminated Because We Were White’: Post-Socialist Migrant Experiences in Contemporary Argentina

Johana Kunin, Argentina:

El viaje como puerta de “entrada” y de “salida” de migrantes de retorno que trabajan en la periferia de una ciudad intermedia de la pampa argentina

John Loewenthal, UK:

Imagining Heritage Through Dreams of Travel

José Luis Sack and Margarita María Sacks, Argentina:

La Cruz en un baúl: la religiosidad de los alemanes del Volga. El caso de la Aldea Santa María (Entre Ríos)

Juan Antonio Lázara, Argentina:

Influencias Fascistas En Monumentos Argentinos (1930-1950)

Juana Alejandrina Norrild, Argentina:

El Patrimonio Danés Como Legado Cultural: Su relación con el turismo en Tres Arroyos (Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Juliana Costa, Brazil:

La recepción de inmigrantes en la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro: Medidas y prácticas en la Gran Migración.

Julieta Casó Besada,Venezuela:

Inmigrantes emigrados

Julio Amstalden

Non Formal Music Education and migratory currents in Campinas region

Karina Horsti, Finland:

Debris of the Border: Seeing and seeing with objects discarded by migrants

Karolina Nikielska-Sekula, Poland:

Heritage in Motion. Transformations of Turkish Cultural Heritage in Practices of First and Second Generation Norwegians

Karolina Stefanski, Germany:

Cultural and Technological Transfers through Migration of Silversmiths and Silver Objects in Early Nineteenth Century Europe

Katalin Rac and Rebecca Jefferson, USA:

Diaspora of Latin American Jewish Books in the Isser and Rae Price Library

Kirsty Bennett, UK:

Insolently Famous: The migration of Argentine Tango

Klaus Neumann, Germany:

Narrating pre-migration lives in a country of immigration

Laia Colomer, Sweden:

Heritage in a Globalized World: New notions and experiences from onward migrants

Globalization, Mobility, Objects and Home: Implications for museums on migration

Lara Şarlak, Turkey:

Routes to the Homeland: Turkish-German Diasporic Cinema

Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn, Canada:

Creating a Sense of Place One Stitch at a Time: The role of embroidered pillows in the Ukrainian Canadian community

Laura Samvelyan, Slovenia:

Language and Literacy Practices in a Diasporic Setting Case Study of Armenian Community in Buenos Aires

Laura E. Ruberto, USA:

From Steerage Class to Museum: Interpreting Italian American material culture in multiple contexts From Steerage Class to Museum: Interpreting Italian American material culture in multiple contexts

Leïla el-Wakil, Switzerland:

Migrating heritage: The re-appropriation of tango through the UNESCO

Liat Steir-Livny, Israel:

Placelessness, Hybridity and Cultural Heritage: The identity crisis of Jewish immigrants from Germany to Palestine in the 1930s in the Israeli documentary The Flat

Lidija Nikocevic, Croatia:

Istrians out of Istria: A disappearing community

Lien Vloeberghs, Belgium:

The Red Star Line Museum: Collecting personal stories and migration heritage. With a case study of our next exhibition: ‘Remembering roots: Belgian Argentinians and their family stories’

Lieve Donnellan, Belgium:

“Home away from home”: Institutionalising notions of home and homeland in Greek migrations in antiquity

 Liliana E. Bocquin, Argentina:

La colectividad navarra de Bolívar (1880-1950)

Liliana Rothkopf and Maria Elena Tuma, Argentina:

Inmigrantes, Rituales y Practicas Funerarias. Construccion de la Memoria en el Cementerio de Chacarita

Liliana Olmeda de Flugelman, Argentina:

Museo Judío de Buenos Aires: Custodio del patrimonio de la comunidad judía en la Argentina.

Lucía Correa, Argentina:

De Misses a Au pairs: trayectorias del trabajo doméstico migrante en la clases altas Argentinas

Lucia Gasparini, Italy:

Preserving the Cultural Identity and the Intangible Heritage of Migrants

Lucia Frecha, Canada/Argentina:

Stories of deservingness from one of the most generous countries in the world

Lucía García Santana, Spain:

In the Middle of the Ocean: Luis Seoane and the construction of a trans-Atlantic Galician Heritage

Luciana L. Contarino Sparta, Argentina:

Migraciones “europeas” desde África: el complejo legado de los movimientos poblacionales procedentes de Cabo Verde en la Argentina

Luís Reznik, Argentina:

Inmigración y recepción: patrimonio cultural y musealización

Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia, UK:

Narratives of Losing and Remaking Home following Conflict and Displacement in Colombia

Madeleine Haddon, USA:

The Cuban Maja: La Mulata in the work of Víctor Patricio Landaluze

Magali Natalia Alloatti, UFSC/UCLA:

Afro-Brazilian on the move. Transnationalism, commodification and place-making in Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage in Los Angeles.

Manuel Alvarado, Francisca de la Riva, Paloma Molina, Chile:

El patrimonio fabril y la herencia de los inmigrantes en Chile

Margherita Serafini, Italy:

Migration by Choice: When migrating memories reshape one’s identity

Margherita Sprio, Italy:

Migrant Memories: Cinema and Diaspora

Maria Cecilia Barreto Amorim Pilla; Paola Venzon Gargioni; Kauna de Paula Domingues, Brazil:

Flavors here and there: recipes notebooks and luso-brazilian food heritage (1900-1950)

María Eugenia Peltzer and María Estela Rodríguez, Argentina:

La fiesta provincial del Inmigrante como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial: memorias y colectivos sociales

Maria Francesca Piazzoni, USA:

The Transnational Implications of the Heritage Industry: The case of the Bangladeshi Street-vendors in the tourism landscapes of Rome

Maria Inês Pinho

The Brazilian Houses in the northwest of Portugal as heritage of transatlantic encounters

Maria Magdalena Conti, Argentina:

Los Italianos en Tandil, Identidad y Herencia que Late en Forma de Granito

María Romina Casas Silva, Argentina:

Representaciones sociales de la comunidad chino-taiwanesa en los medios de comunicación Argentina: Prejuicios y estereotipos. Informar desde el desconocimiento.

Mariana García and Sagrario Anaut Bravo, Argentina:

La migración de origen navarro en la República Argentina, diagnóstico sociodemográfico

Mariana Patiño, Colombia:

De lo Memorial a lo Sensorial

Mariana Pinto Leitão Pereira, Macau,

Which “Casa de Macau” are you from? The mnemonics of “Home” in the context of the Macanese diaspora

Marie Štěpánová, Czech Republic:

Cultural and Language Heritage of Czech Expat Communities in Contemporary Bosnia and Croatia

Marilén Loyola, USA:

La inmigración, la incomprensión y la inocencia en Una tarde con campanas (2004) de Juan Carlos Méndez Gúedez

Marilyn Truscott, Australia:

Retaining Intangible Heritage: Sustaining Identity in a Changing Place

Marina Yu. Sorokina, Russia:

A Window of Opportunities: Russian refugee scholars in Latin America

Marina B Santapaola, Argentina:

Tan lejos, pero tan cerca… La comunidad reinese en Villa Bosch, de la posguerra al presente

Mary K Gayne:

Harrisonburg, Virginia: Documenting a History of Refugee Resettlement

Meighan Mantei, Canada:

Something Between Them: Stories of weaving by Karen refugee women

Mercedes Alicia Chezo, Argentina:

Identidades Itinerantes

Mercedes González Bracco, Argentina:

¿Por qué Buenos Aires? Guías para inmigrantes europeos en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX

Michael Dwyer, USA:

A Comparative Analysis of Ireland: The Caribbean and Latin America in the postcolonial age

Miha Zobec, Slovenia:

The Notion of “Home” and the Issue of Identity in the Emigrant Correspondence

Milan Pajic, UK:

Flemish Exiles in 14th Century London and Their Economic Impact on England

Miriam de Oliveira Santos and Maria Catarina Zanni, Brazil:

La Herencia de la Inmigración Italiana en Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil

Nadia De Cristóforis, Argentina:

La defensa del franquismo dentro de la comunidad gallega de Buenos Aires: el caso del periódico Fe Gallega y la institución Acción Gallega de Cruzados de Santiago

Natalia Crespo,

Los deseados y los invasores: representaciones de la inmigración en novelas argentinas marginales de la década de 1880.

Natalie Tines Villarraga, Colombia:

Reframing the Americas: Challenging the Humanitarian Lens

Nefissa Naguib and Gisele Fonseca, Norway:

Syrian Archives: Global Moments, Things and Home in Brazil and the Arctic

Nela Milic, UK:

The Embodied Narrative

Nélida Boulgourdjian, Argentina:

Huellas del pasado en las Listas de Pasajeros de la Dirección de Migraciones: el caso de la inmigración armenia en la Argentina

Nicholas Kumleben, USA:

El Chocolate y El Candombero: The African Influence on Argentine Football

Nick Dines, UK:

Displaced by the humanitarian sea? The representation of contemporary migration in Italian maritime-emigration museums

Nikolina Židek, Croatia:

Croatian post-World War Two diaspora in Argentina: a community identity constructed around a trauma

Noha Al Ahmadi, Saudi Arabia:

Bedouin Homes in Migration: Memories of Saudi Hejazi built heritage

Nolwazi N Ncube, Zimbabwe:

Narratives of the Transnational Student: A complicated story of cultural identity, cultural exchange and homecoming

Nora Luzza Jeliner, Argentina:

La Herencia De Las Migraciones Y Su Diversidad Linguistica

Nora Codoni, Argentina:

La Sociedad Italiana de Rio Curato. El apoyo a su gente en los momentos difíciles. Morir lejos de la Italia natal.

Oscar Centurion Frontanilla, Paraguay:

Patrimonio y Migraciones: Paisajes y plataformas culturales a través de la experiencia del programa MAM (Museos y Archivos de las Migraciones)

Pamela V Morales, Argentina:

Refugiados en Argentina: una mirada sobre la relación política entre territorio, nacimiento y ciudadanía

Pamela Durán Díaz, Mexico:

Tenochtitlan, mapas de la identidad y la memoria (Tenochtitlan, mapping identity and memory)

Paola Valdemarin, Argentina:

¿Permanecer o partir? Formas de tramitación de la migración. El caso de una población pequeña y de origen e historia aluvional en Patagonia Austral Argentina

Paulina Sabugal Paz, Mexico

The Represented Mexico: Identity social representations processes facing the migration phenomenon

Pei Zhao and Qin Ling China

A Street’s Collective Memory: Case Studying on Chinese Muslim Community

Peter Leese, UK:

Investigating Migrant Cityscapes: London and Los Angeles c. 1960

Pía Acevedo Méndez and Carlos Rojas Sancristoful, Chile:

Diáspora croata en Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Claves para la articulación de un patrimonio cultural en perspectiva integral

Piret Noorhani, Estonia:

Networking Estonian Diasporic Heritage Communities

Pooja Jaiswal, India:

Diasporic Heritage Communities

Rawan Osman, Sudan

Expressing ‘Halal’ in the European Streetscape

Rayen Torres, Argentina:

El Barrio Chino de Buenos Aires. Historias en movimiento en un contexto multicultural.

Regina G. Schlüter, Argentina:

Los Alemanes Del Volga En Coronel Suárez – Argentina La Interpretación De Su Herencia

Rémi Baudoui:

Building the Memory of Immigration in France: The case of the Museum of the History of Immigration

Rohma A. Khan, USA:

Taking the Taxi Home: South Asian immigrant cab drivers in New York City from 1979-1999

Rose Satiko G. Hikiji & Jasper Chalcraft, UK:

Opening Eyes through Ears: Migrant Africans musicking in Brazil

Rose Sebastian, India:

The Museum in India: Nation state, historiography and marginalized histories

Rui Aniceto Nascimento Fernandes, Brazil:

Una guía para el inmigrante. Fluminense estrategias para atraer a los inmigrantes por provincia esclavo, en el siglo XIX

Sabine Marschall, Germany:

Memory Objects, Identity and the Homeland: African transnational migrants in South Africa

Sara Davies, Sweden:

Gathering and Shattering Home: Creating images of belonging through diasporic touch

Sarah Gamaire, France:

Learning, Dropping, Teaching, Adjusting: Re-negotiations of French Polynesian dance by its diaspora in mainland France

Sarah O’Brien

The Irish in Argentina: Language, Memory, Diaspora

Sebastián Fuentes, Argentina:

Rugby “inglés” en Buenos Aires: estructuras coloniales y postcoloniales en el flujo de prácticas y prestigios culturales y económicos

Seraphin Kamdem, Cameroon:

Migration, Immigration, Integration and Reconstruction of Identities: Learning from African experiences in UK

Shaari Neretin, USA:

Place/no place: The Jewish diaspora in the early 21st century

Silke Reeploeg, Germany:

The Far Islands and Other Cold Places: Women in the Arctic, 1818-2018

Silvina Carbonari, Argentina

Un Pionero de la vitivinicultura argentina: Michel A. Pouget

Simon Behrman, UK:

Downfall of the (European) Refugee: Interwar Displacement as Seen Through the Life and Works of Irène Némirovsky

Simona Palladino, Italy:

Thinking on Migration through domestic objects: Experiences of older Italian migrants in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Simone Toji:

Floating sentiments: On silence and misunderstandings around cultural performance of generations of Japanese migrants in a riverine town in Brazil

Stamatis Zografos,

From an exile to an exile: The case of Anafiotika

Stylianos Kostas, Greece:

The Meaning of Belonging through Cultural National Heritage Performances: The “panigiri” of the Greek migrants of Brasilia

Susana Brauner and  Cecilia Galdabini, Argentina:

Identidad, religiosidad y diversidades: argentinos, brasileños y mexicanos judíos con raíces en el mundo árabe en el Siglo XX

Susanne Belovari, USA:

“… One Cuisine in The Use Of Two Nations” The Viennese Cuisine from Christmas to Hanukah (1918-1938)

Tanya Donoso Mogollón, Ecuador:

Extranjeros en la ciudad de Guayaquil a inicios del siglo XX, influencia en la arquitectura.

Tri Tran, France:

From La Rochelle to Quebec : early 17th c. transatlantic migrations and the making of the French diaspora in North America

Tseng Hsun-hui ,  Song Jing,  LU Chia-hung Ben

“In-between”: Socialist Moral Legacies in Capitalist Society: Socialist Female Migrant entrepreneurs in Taiwan

Valentin Aguilera and Hernan Leuquen, Chile:

Costumbres en Común: Aspectos sincréticos de la cultura en Magallanes a partir de la confluencia de las migraciones extranjeras y nacionales. Un diagnóstico desde el patrimonio y la identidad chiloense.

Valeria Galvan

Return to the Motherland: Cold War propaganda and the repatriation of Argentine citizens living in the former USSR

Vanessa de Veritch Woodside, USA:

Latina Juvenile Narratives of Displacement and “New Memory”

Venera R Khalikova, Russia:

“Luggage” Migration of Medicines Across Borders

Verónica Bloise, Argentina:

La torta galesa, síntesis de la integración colono-territorial. La gastronomía como huella de la inmigración.

Versha J. Anderson

Intercultural Transitions: The Stories of Positive Intercultural Interactions Between German Citizens and Refugees

Virgillo Amando Hunter, Jamaica:

Migration and Belonging: The Caribbean family and community as models of place and placelessness

Vivienne Marquart, Germany:

Kebab and Lederhosen: Traces of Turkish heritage in Munich

William Roka, USA:

The Evolution of the Ritual of Travel: From Migrant to Tourist

Walter Nelson Musich and Claudia Mariana Melhem

Aldeas y Colonias aporte de emigrantes alemanes y ju – provenientes de Rusia – a la configuración territorial en Entre Ríos a fines del siglo XIX

Yamila B Valeiras, Argentina:

El color en La Boca, o la bandera de una república carnavalesca

Yaqoob K Bangash, Pakistan:

Coming to the Promised Land: ‘Home’ and the Creation of Pakistan

Yvonne Völkl, Austria:

Narrative Legacies of Migration – Memory Work in the Literary Oeuvre of Montreal’s Francophone Jewish Community

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