Conference Update: Important information

We have been informed of a General Strike that is taking place in Buenos Aires on the day of Thursday 6th April. We are looking into the extent of the strike, and understand that it will have a major impact on public transport services across the entirety of the city for that day. We are currently working closely with our partners in Argentina, and doing everything we can to maintain the schedule for the first day of the conference, and minimising any disruption that may be caused. However, it may be necessary to make some changes to the programme. We thank you for your kind patience whilst we explore the best solutions, and we will keep you informed over the coming days.

For those that may be arriving at the airport on Thursday 6th April, we understand that taxi services will still be in operation. For those that will already be in Buenos Aires on that day, we recommend allowing extra travel time where possible, as taxi services will be in high demand.

I’d like to take the opportunity to say that we are very much looking forward to meeting everyone next week, and wish you safe travels Buenos Aires.


We will be in touch again soon.

The Conference Committee

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