National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) was established in 1895. Formerly located on the elegant Florida Street in the Retiro neighbourhood, the museum moved to the Argentine Pavilion in Plaza San Martin, a building which was originally erected in Paris for the 1889 Paris Exhibition in France. The pavilion once stood proudly next to the Eifel tower and was later dismantled and shipped to Buenos Aires after the exposition. In the early 1930’s the Pavilion was demolished, and the Museum moved to a new location in the neighbourhood of Recoleta. The building, originally a grand pumping station built in 1870, now houses an outstanding collection of international art dated from the middle ages to the twentieth century, and artworks by some of the most important Argentine painters.

The museum is a real treasure trove, where visitors have the opportunity to wander quietly through major artistic movements and see works by some of the world’s most extraordinary artists, including Rembrandt, Manet, Van Gough, Picasso and Degas.

A must see is the gallery on the first floor which houses Argentine art from the twentieth Century. A time of rapid change in Argentina, the twentieth century saw mass immigration from Europe, economic expansion and decline, the beginnings of industrialisation and periods of political and civic unrest. Many of these themes are reflected by the artists that were living and working during this time, and provide a rich insight into Argentina’s more recent history.

During the Heritages of Migration conference the National Museum of Fine Arts, and Friends of the Museum, will host a reception where, over a glass of wine and picada (nibbles), delegates can explore the collections, participate in gallery tours, and learn more about the museum’s fascinating history from its knowledgeable team. With thanks adn gratitude to Saint Felicien for sponsoring this reception.

Admission to the museum is free, and the building is open Tuesday to Sunday every week.


With thanks to Saint Felicien for kindly sponsoring this reception.

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